Keeping the Covenant Conference

I say unto you, be one, and if you are not one, you are not mine.
—Teachings and Commandments 22:7

September 20th - 22nd, 2019

Boise, Idaho, USA

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    About the Conference

    This conference is for all people, everywhere in the world, to join together in worship of Jesus Christ. That worship will include singing, breakout sessions, partaking of the sacrament, listening to speakers, youth activities and socializing. Much has been said about the need to become “one” and fellowship together to learn how to collectively keep the Covenant. We are preparing ourselves, and this conference, in faith that we will have a greater capacity after this time together to not dispute, forgive, and continue to change our hearts individually and collectively.

    The conference will be held in Boise, Idaho. All are invited to participate as they feel inspired. Because of travel, venue limitations, and family obligations, we understand that many who want to participate may not be able to attend live. We will provide recordings of the prepared talks delivered by the conference’s three speakers. This will be provided free of charge for all people, everywhere in the world. Full details about the audio recordings will be posted shortly after the conference.

    Please note that this website offers information about the conference according to the best information we have available. Details are subject to change. Please check the site often for updates or changes as we get closer to the conference.

    Replay of the Live Video Recording

    We are excited to announce that preparations are in place for a live video broadcast of the Sunday (not Saturday) conference events. Check the schedule for information about which events will be available via live stream. This will allow for all people, anywhere in the world, to participate live online.

    Schedule Overview

    Because we recognize many people will travel from all over to gather for the conference, we’ve included several optional, social activities for attendees to fellowship, socialize, and get to know other like-minded people. The actual conference meetings will be held Saturday beginning at 10:00 AM and Sunday beginning at 9:00 AM. The conference meetings will include music, breakout sessions, speakers, and sacrament. Please feel free to attend as many, or as few of the activities as you choose. The purpose of this conference is twofold, to hear the word of the Lord, and also to provide an opportunity to fellowship with each other. Please attend the activities that will be most valuable to you.

    Events in in blue are official conference activities and in green are optional social-focused activities, The schedule is subject to change.

    Important Material to Review

    We hope that all who attend this conference will take the time to review the Answer to Prayer for Covenant as given on Sunday, September 3, 2017. Much of the preparations for this conference have come from our Lord’s words contained in this revelation.

    Reviewing this material before the conference will help each participant enter a state of mind conducive to receiving instruction, hearing the Lord’s voice and finding charity in their heart.

    Click the button below to download a PDF of the Answer to Prayer for Covenant